So You Want To Be An Entrepreneur.

Your crash course on Entrepreneurship

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Take a look below to see lighthouse-approved entrepreneurial resources, newsletters, podcasts, and more. This guide is curated by our own lighthouse Founder & CEO, Courtney Brand.

5 Ways You Can Get Involved in Entrepreneurship

#1: Start your own thing
Whether that’s a venture-scalable start-up, side project, or after-hours consulting business, go out and start #building.

#2: Take on an Intrapreneurship Role at your Company
“Intrapreneurs are employees who do for corporate innovation what an entrepreneur does for his or her start-up.” Learn more here.

#3: Join a Start-Up Studio as an Entrepreneur in Residence
Start-Up Studios provide the resources, connections, support, and capital to co-found companies with Entrepreneurs in Residence. It’s a great path for those looking to build a company from scratch, while still being on payroll. Some NYC local ones to check include Innovation Department and Human Ventures.

#4: Join an Early-Stage StartUp
Angelist is a great resource to find local start-up roles. You can also find great new ideas on Product Hunt or by tracking recent graduating companies from accelerator programs or startups that closed a round of funding (i.e. are probably #hiring).

#5: Participate in a Startup Weekend
Over the course of 54 hours, you will ideate, build, launch, and pitch a new business. This is a great way to flex your entrepreneurial skills, see if it’s for you, and meet mentors, investors, and fellow entrepreneurs.

In-Person Resources

  • Not ready to quit your job but want to test out your idea? Work nights and weekend on your own, or you can check out Course Horse How to Start: 30 Days from Idea to Decision, Founder Institute, or Tacklebox.
  • Founders Friday NYC Events are an awesome Friday morning gathering featuring one local founder talking about his or her founder story.
  • A great alternative to accelerator programs are programs like WeWork Labs and Company — they offer the community and support, without taking any equity.

Online Resources

  • Y Combinator Startup School helps you learn how to start a startup with YC’s free 10-week online course.
  • Check out Alex Iskold’s site — he’s the former Managing Director of Techstars NY and his site is full of resources from pitch deck must-haves to how to email with investors.
  • Read this piece on the 27 best websites and resources for startup founders or check out this condensed list of the top 10 by The Muse.
  • Read great pieces from A Smart Bear by serial entrepreneur, Jason Cohen, writing on entrepreneurial life and business best practices.

Helpful Podcasts

  • Guy Raz dives into the stories behind some of the world’s best known companies. How I Built This weaves a narrative journey about innovators, entrepreneurs and idealists — and the movements they built.
  • The Pitch podcast is where real entrepreneurs pitch to real investors — for real money.
  • Angel investor Joanne Wilson turned her blog series “Woman Entrepreneur of the week” into Gotham Gals podcast, where she tells the story of the countless women entrepreneurs out there in a new format.

Entrepreneur Newsletters

  • Get all your startup, entrepreneurship, social media, and technology-related information delivered to your inbox from Gary’s Guide.
  • Join the Startup One Stop community by startups, for startups, and get to know and help fellow members.
  • Keep up to date on NYC tech events and commentary by signing up for Charlie O’Donnell’s newsletter.
  • P.S. We also recommend choosing VC’s that invest in industries that you’re interested and signing up to their newsletters / following them on Twitter.

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