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Design my career

Meet Our Design Hosts

These designers are here to give you advice from their own experiences. Schedule your lighthouse session for one-on-one career advice and support that is designed for you

Designing our shoes
Meet Rachel

Currently: Product Development & Design Consultant at Nine West
Focus: Shoes (and swimwear)

Designing our spaces
Meet Clifford

Currently: A designer at Deborah Berke Partners architecture firm
Focus: Architecture and design, with international work experience in China

Designing our experiences
Meet Cindy

Currently: Working as a Management Consultant at the intersection of design, business and technology.
Focus: Customer experience design, digital design, UX design

Designing our technology
Meet Danielle

Currently: Bootstrapping at Fomoro, a machine learning start-up in San Francisco
Focus: UX design

Designing our cities
Meet Arianna

Currently: The Founder of a social impact start-up remapping flood zones more accurately. Previously working as an Architect & Urban planner
Focus: Architect & Urban planning/design

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